Court Bookings

Our courts are available for anyone to play on. Members play for free (except when using lights).

Court bookings are made through the Book-a-Court system. All court users (members and non-members) must book a court using this system before playing. You cannot gain access to the courts without a valid booking. Please use the form below to book your court before play.

First time users will need to register in the Book-a-Court system by creating a logon and password using your email address as the logon. Kambah Tennis Club members should create their Book-a-Court account using the email address supplied on their membership form (rather than signing in with your Facebook or Google account). This will ensure you are recognised by Book-a-Court as a Kambah Tennis Club member and receive members prices.


  1. It takes up to 15 minutes for a booking to enter the system and court access to be granted.
  2. When you book a court you will be issued with a PIN which is valid for the period of the booking (and 10 minutes prior to the booking start time). There is a key pad on the gate and on the club-house door for entry.
  3. Entering the PIN will also activate the court lights during the period of a night booking. The lights will come on automatically when dusk is detected by the system's light sensor. Ensure you enter your booking PIN at the gate even if the gate is already open or the lights are already on from the previous booking so they will stay on during your booking. The lights will remain on for approximately 10-15 minutes after the booking end time.
  4. If you cannot play due to bad weather, let us know at and we'll refund any fees you have paid.