Court bookings can be made by contacting Christian Anrath on 0418 963 341

The light and gate keys are available from Christian as well.

Hourly Day Rates Per Court

Members - no charge; Non-members - $12; Visitors - $3 each

Hourly Night Rates Per Court

Members - $8; Non-members - $20; Visitors - $5 each

Night Pennant Fees - $6 per match per player + team entry (split between players)

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: This Bookings Calendar is a guide only. It may not show one-off bookings and coaching sessions that have been rescheduled due to bad weather. It can take up to 48 hours for bookings/changes to be recorded. The calendar is kept up-to-date on a "best efforts" basis by volunteers, so no guarantees are given as to the accuracy of the content.

Instructions: Click on an entry to see more details. Use the Week, Month and Agenda links to change your view of the bookings.