Kambah Tennis Club is a non-profit organisation but we are required to collect fees and raise funds through other activities to pay for the operation and maintenance of the existing facilities. We also need to raise funds to pay for any new facilities and major works such as court resurfacing. Members are encouraged to help out, and if you've got an idea for fundraising or would like to help with any future activities, please contact the committee.

The Club ran very successful fundraising BBQs at Bunnings, Tuggeranong on:

  • Saturday 22nd January 2018. $1400 was raised.
  • Saturday 8th October 2016. $2000 was raised.
  • Saturday, 9th July 2016. $1500 was raised.
  • Saturday, 11th July 2015. $1500 was raised.
  • Saturday, 5th April 2014. $1200 was raised.
  • Saturday, 6th October 2012. $1500 was raised.
  • Saturday, 9th July 2011. $1745 was raised.
  • Sunday, 15th August 2010. $1400 was raised.
  • Friday, 1st January 2010. $850 was raised
  • Tuesday, 29th December 2009. $900 was raised.
  • Sunday, 18th January 2009. $1200 was raised.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise and run these events. The Bunnings staff at Tuggeranong are always amazingly helpful - thank you!