KTC has four sand-filled artificial grass courts (with lights for night-tennis) and a small clubhouse with toilet facilities and a small kitchen area.  Maintenance is a significant expense for the Club so we do as much as we can ourselves.  Regular "working bees" are organised to keep the grounds tidy and the courts in good condition.  All members welcome!  If you think you can help with anything, please contact the Club's Maintenance Officer.

Court Maintenance

To keep the courts in good condition so we get the longest possible life from them, everyone should read the Court Maintenance Manual.

All users of our courts must bag the courts when they have finished play.  This is one way to keep the courts in good condition and it is a courtesy to your fellow members who will be using the courts after you.

Review of Tennis Facilities in the ACT

Tennis ACT, with the support of the ACT Government through Sport and Recreation Services, commissioned an independent review of all tennis facilities/clubs in the ACT to determine their long-term viability and establish a facilities strategy for tennis in the ACT and region. More information and the Review documents can be found on the Tennis ACT web site.

KTC Court Resurfacing

We acknowledge the support of the ACT Government's Sport and Recreation Grant Program

In 2009, our 2 bottom courts were over 10 years old and showing signs of wear. A sub-committee was formed to look into funding options including applying for a grant from the ACT Government via its Sports and Recreation Grant Program.  We were successful in obtaining a grant and came up with the rest of the money (to match the grant) through various fundraising activities.

Progress to date 

Work Complete!
The new court surfaces are complete and now in use.  A big thank you to all those who helped out during the removal and clean-up processes.

There are some pictures of the removal of the old surfaces here.

  • Thanks to the amazing efforts of several members and quite a few non-members, the old carpet has been removed from Courts 2 and 4 and the subsidence on Court 4 has been repaired.  Everything is ready for the contractor to start work on laying the new playing surfaces and work is scheduled to commence in the next week.

(7/11/10 and 14/11/10)

  • Working Bees to remove old carpet from Courts 2 and 4


  • Plans are under way to have the old courts lifted and removed and the new courts laid.  Work could start as soon as the end of October - watch this space!


  • We've been advised that our grant application has been successful!  The Club is now working with Tennis ACT to work out the best way to spend the money (and raise the extra funds that we will need).


  • A grant application has been submitted and we have obtained quotes and references from three court surfacing firms. 
  • Members of the sub-committee attended a small "court surface expo" to find out about the various products available.  To get some idea of the issues involved, see this list of questions that was provided at the Expo.